A Brief History of the Saskatchewan Lions Provincial Foundation Inc.

Work began on the formation of a Lions Provincial Foundation in 1997 to act on behalf of the Lions of Saskatchewan. In 2002 the Foundation was legally formed under the Non-Profits Corporation in the Province of Saskatchewan.

A few years later the Foundation was granted charitable status by Revenue Canada and given the right to issue Tax Deductable Receipts under the Income Tax.

The requirements under the regulations of Revenue Canada the Foundation was require d to establish a Mission Statement along with the Purpose and Objectives of the Foundation.  The Mission Statement was "To provide financial assistance to organizations or individuals within Saskatchewan for Humanitarian Service Projects as approved by the Saskatchewan Lions Provincial Foundation."

The purpose and objectives of the Saskatchewan Lions Provincial Foundation shall be as follows.  Its principal emphasis shall concentrate on health issues, primarily the conservation of sight, the welfare of the blind, and the welfare of our youth in the Province.  This shall be accomplished by providing funding:

  • For research in the furtherance of the conservation of sight, the prevention of blindness and the welfare of the blind.
  • To medical facilities, specializing in sight related activities such as the Lions Eye Bank of Saskatchewan Inc., and other related Eye Care Centres situated in major hospitals in the Province of Saskatchewan, and the CNIB.  Funds will be provided for the procurement of specialized equipment and research projects.
  • To the respective two Saskatchewan Lions District Sight and Service Foundations, all Qualified Donees whose principal mandate is the prevention of blindness and the welfare of the blind and visually impaired.
  • For educational and academic funding to the visually impaired to further their schooling by providing bursary scholarships, including funds for adaptive technological aids, which the visually impaired need.
  • Provide Bursary Grants to our youth for the opportunity of advancement of academic achievement in Post Secondary schooling.

We are now in the position to establish a major fundraiser to generate the much needed funds to complete the objectives set out in our mandate.  Our activities are governed by a Board of Directors which consists of Lions elected by Lions from the two Districts within Saskatchewan.  Each Board member is elected for a three year term with the option of being elected for a second three year term after which time they must leave the Board.

For information concerning the Saskatchewan Lions Provincial Foundation Inc.  Please feel free to contact any Board member listed in the Saskatchewan Lions Directory or Foundation Secretary PDG Lion George Pretli at Box 588, Spiritwood, Saskatchewan. Tel: 306-883-2772 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.