Lions are global minded men & women who donate their time & talent
for their community to make the world a better place to live

Bert Culham 15-May Cabri Lions 5SKS
John Paul Eberts 15-May Lumsden District Lions 5SKS
Gordon J Thompson 15-May Spiritwood Lions 5SKN
Gordon Osborne 15-Mar Lampman District Lions 5SKS
Alvin Tait 15-Mar MacDowall & District Lions 5SKN
Eileen E Elash 15-Mar Meadow Lake Lions 5SKN
Melvin O Smith 15-Mar Moose Jaw Early Bird Lions 5SKS
Lee Struble 15-Mar Wawota District Lions 5SKS
George A Blouin 15-Feb Gravelbourg Lions 5SKS
Lawrence Dufour 15-Feb Saskatoon Nutana Lions 5SKN
John Krasowski 15-Feb Willowbrook & District Lions 5SKN
Gary Johnston 15-Jan Hazlet Lions 5SKS
Doug Carson 15-Jan Lloydminster Lions 5SKN
Antoni Brezinski 15-Jan Regina Lakeside Lions 5SKS
Jim Craik 15-Jan Rosthern Lions 5SKN
Walter Hryciuk 15-Jan Rosthern Lions 5SKN
John Walker 14-Dec Balcarres & District Lions 5SKS
Silvia Bradley 14-Dec Bethune Lions 5SKS
Jim Anderson 14-Dec Cabri Lions 5SKS
Gordon Savill 14-Dec Carlyle District Lions 5SKS
Harold Whitehead 14-Dec Dundurn Lions 5SKN
Clifford Paton 14-Dec Gravelbourg Lions 5SKS
Anne Kuntz 14-Dec Regina Central Lions 5SKS
R W Stodler 14-Dec Saskatoon Nutana Lions 5SKN
Robert R Stevenson 14-Nov Eston Lions 5SKS
Martha Kirkness 14-Nov Nipawin Lions 5SKS
George William Holloway 14-Oct Broadview District Lions 5SKS
Ron Wenman 14-Oct Prince Albert Lions 5SKS
John Matsalla 14-Oct Rosthern Lions 5SKN
George Fathers 14-Oct Wolseley Lions 5SKS
Ronald J Wesley 14-Sep Indian Head & District 5SKS
Debbie Smelland 14-Sep Nipawin Lions 5SKS
Glenn Aikens 14-Aug Central Butte District Lions 5SKS
Barry Neil Brown 14-Aug Gainsboough & District Lions 5SKS
Ralph Mills 14-Aug Kenaston Lions 5SKN
Harry Tholl 14-Aug Windthorst District Lions 5SKS
Henry Vonk 14-Jul Fort Qu'Appelle District Lions 5SKS
Carl Ham 14-Jul Saskatoon Nutana Lions 5SKN
Ron Sadler 14-Jun Saskatoon Downtown Lions 5SKN
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