Lions are global minded men & women who donate their time & talent
for their community to make the world a better place to live



Edward Robinson Jun-13 North Battleford Lions Club 5SKN
Morris Hrynenko Jun-13 Prince Albert Lions Club 5SKN
Marvin Brown May-13 Bateman Lions Club 5SKS
William A Goronzy May-13 Melville Lions Club 5SKN
Jim Pirsak May-13 Regina Beach Lions Club 5SKS
Murray Schneider May-13 Rosetown Lions Club 5SKS
Shirley Thompson May-13 Spiritwood Lioness 5SKN
Lawrence Bryk Apr-13 Endeavour & District 5SKN
Ron McIntosh Apr-13 Hazlet Lions Club 5SKS
Robert Speir Apr-13 Lacadena Lions Club 5SKS
Arthur J Houghton Apr-13 Moose Jaw Lions Club 5SKS
Dennis Solonenko Apr-13 Rhein District Lions Club 5SKN
Rose Oszust Mar-13 Prince Albert Lions Club 5SKN
James A Allan Mar-13 Tisdale Lions Club 5SKN
Cliff Simpson Mar-13 Unity Lions Club 5SKN
John Coid Mar-13 Unity Lions Club 5SKN
Leon Reynaud Mar-13 Wakaw Lions Club 5SKN
Charles Williams Feb-13 Dundurn Lions Club 5SKN
Roly Remillard Feb-13 PDG 5CN  
Greg Empey Feb-13 Rosthern Lions Club 5SKN
Ron Spencer Feb-13 Turtleford & District Lions Club 5SKN
Douglas Cameron Jan-13 Regina Beach Lions 5SKS
James Robert Wilson Dec-12 Ernfold District Lions 5SKS
Rose Latta Dec-12 Preeceville District Lions 5SKN
Dennis Laliberte Dec-12 Qu'Appelle District 5SKS
Gordon E Taylor Dec-12 Saskatoon Nutana Lions Club 5SKN
Gail Bechal Nov-12 Mankota District Lions Club 5SKS
Denys Aitken Nov-12 Nipawin Lions 5SKN
Keith Waite Nov-12 Sovereign Lions Club 5SKS
Ronald Linklater Nov-12 Sovereign Lions Club 5SKS
Jack Turk Oct-12 Dodsland Lions Club 5SKS
Joe Schmidt Oct-12 Kincaid Lions Club 5SKS
Kathleen Lloyd Oct-12 Moose Jaw Lioness Club 5SKS
Ron Murray Sep-12 Alsask Lions Club 5SKS
Theodore Mundt Sep-12 Alsask Lions Club 5SKS
Hugh A Bradley Sep-12 Bethune & District Lions Club 5SKS
Dave Boudreau Sep-12 Fort QuAppelle Distrct Lions Club 5SKS
Hugh H Smith Sep-12 Regina 35 Lions Club 5SKS
Ted Chickowski Aug-12 Fort QuAppelle District Lions Club 5SKS
Frank A Sperle Aug-12 Unity Lions Club 5SKN
George Genaille Jul-12 Pelly & District Lions 5SKN
Edward J Brumwell Jul-12 Rosetown Lions Club 5SKS
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