Lions are global minded men & women who donate their time & talent
for their community to make the world a better place to live

Lions Project Pride is a program for Canadian Lions Clubs to express their pride in Canada and in being a Lion. Lions have the opportunity to instill pride in their community by presenting a Canadian flag 12 cm by 24 cm (5" x 10") and a certificate to grade one students. The flag presentation represents the diversity of our country and the pride we have in being Canadian.

canada_flagRequesting permission to visit schools is a rewarding experience for both Lions and students. Over 40,000 flags are distributed every year across Canada. Be a proud Lion, participate in Lions Project Pride.

For more information about how to get involved call 1.800.768.3030 or download the Project Pride brochure. A special thank you to PID Bill Webber for managing this great project. Be a proud Lion - participate in Lions Project Pride!

Our Lions pride is expressed as we contact school officials requesting permission to visit schools, our visit with classroom teachers, and most importantly the students during the flag presentation. The opportunity to visit with a a group of Grade one students is a special reward. Lions from British Columbia to Newfoundland are distributing over 40,000 flags every year. We have had very favourable comments from students, teachers and parents.

Steps to take - be involved!

  • Contact your school superintendent or principal. Request permission to visit each Grade 1 class where a Lion from your club will present a Canadian flag and certificate to each student (month of June is preferred time.)
  • Determine total number of flags required. Complete order form. Please include cheque for full amount.
  • Prepare comments for classroom visit. These might include: Who are you, Your Lions club name, What Lions do (Youth activities), Purpose of your visit, Canada Day, Maple Leaf Emblem, Discuss the flag.
  • Be prompt for appointed visit. Make comments, encourage discussion, present flags, read certificate, ask if teacher would print students name of certificate, present a flag to the teacher.
  • Enjoy your visit with the future of our country, share your experience with fellow Lions.

A Project of the Lions Foundation of Canada

Be a proud Lion, participate in Lions Project Pride


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